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Crystal clear copy – razor-sharp prose

A freelance copywriter, magazine journalist and online editor based in South Wales providing business copywriting services and feature writing.

Sparkling copy and sharp prose gives you an edge

Clear communication is essential in both journalism and business; make the biggest impact and get your message across clearly.

That’s why you need:

Sharp writing makes for edgy reading; when you want a quality journalistic writing experience, there’s an easy answer – call a professional.

Great service from a skilled writer frees up your valuable time so you can relax in the knowledge that the work will be completed on time, and to the highest possible standard.

If you value honesty, integrity and professionalism in a writer as much as clear thinking, sharp writing and incisive copy, then look no further – get in touch.

"Had Future Publishing's management decided to persevere with the poker market, Ben would have been invited to come on board full time as our editor at large. He knows the game, he understands the players, he delivers the goods, and he'll even hit deadlines (or at least tell you sooner rather than later if he predicts a problem). What more do you need to know? Try him out..."

Martyn Lester, freelance editor, WPT magazine