Feedback - Ben M. Wilson

Razor–sharp professionalism

You’re not just buying copy ­– you’re buying a service

See for yourself what editors and clients think of mine:

“Editors are not always overjoyed when their ad sales managers tell them that an advertiser has been speaking in complimentary terms about a contributor. As often as a not, it sounds a warning note that the writer in question has gone to the Dark Side, and is paying too much attention to the industry and not enough to the consumer.”

"As the then editor of WPT Poker, I began to hear just such noises about Ben Wilson, but it immediately became clear that events organisers were genuinely impressed by his approach to covering the live game. "He's just very professional," said one senior marketing figure, and I know what he means."

"If Ben has 'gone' anywhere, it's gone native. But even that's not strictly true, because the fact is that he started native, which is to say that he is a poker player first and a writer second. He is a genuine enthusiast for the game, and as such he has a strong affinity with his fellow players that easily bridges the gap between the recreational and professional ranks."

"If you send Ben out to interview a 'star' of the game, you can be confident that he will come back with some lively copy, because the two of them will soon be on the same wavelength. This is possibly even more true of tournament coverage, where he is always able not just to find 'the story' but tap into the story behind the story."

"Had Future Publishing's management decided to persevere with the poker market, Ben would have been invited to come on board full time as our editor at large. He knows the game, he understands the players, he delivers the goods, and he'll even hit deadlines (or at least tell you sooner rather than later if he predicts a problem). What more do you need to know? Try him out...”

Martyn Lester, freelance editor, WPT magazine

“The Gala Casinos British Poker Tour was a real success; its popularity was down to great events with a great atmosphere, pitched at the right level. It was well covered in the poker press, something that helped develop its image as the people’s poker tour and a strong following. WPT magazine in particular gave the tour excellent coverage, with pages of pictures, reports and interviews that really brought the events to life; this wouldn’t have been possible with their commitment to British poker, but also Ben Wilson’s hard work at the events – he put in almost as many hours as the dealers, and it must have been harder still given i know he would loved to have been playing himself...”

Mark O’Donnell, Gala Coral Head of Poker and GCBPT Tour Manager